5 Looks For Meeting The Parents


meet the parents style
Meeting the 'rents? These five outfits are perfectly tailored to fit your personality.

Bound to be unavoidably awkward and uneasy, the meeting-the-parents scenario is a timeless test of appropriate attire.

The key is to put enough thought into your outfit beforehand so you don't have to be thinking or worrying about what you're wearing during the actual moment of meeting. Choose clothes that will make you feel comfortable and confident and steer clear of any looks that may appear too high maintenance. You wouldn't want to let conversation dwindle because you're futzing with your skirt's short hemline or struggling with seriously high stilettos.

Whether the 'rents are sweet as can be or they're picky and over-protective, don't let yourself lose any points on the initial impression.

We give you five appropriately-memorable meet-the-parents outfits to choose from, so all you have to do is turn on that natural 'I care about your son but won't ever steal him away from you' charm! They'll love these looks!

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