Now I Feel Empowered, Happy & Aligned With My Purpose


"I began my 12 months of coaching with Kelly to learn how to create and maintain a website that makes money. I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the process of having to go to a web designer for my website needs. It felt too time consuming and expensive.

Kelly taught me: how to follow through with the technical aspects of building a functioning website; how to stay steady with the process and tackle each task, one at a time with a good attitude, even during the most challenging phases of the process. And that what energy we are creating with will show up in our results and manifestations.


She helped me pick myself up and stay steady with my website project during the passing of my father, one of the most challenging periods of my life. I remember Kelly's compassionate words, "At the core you are a strong woman, and you will survive this and you will be even stronger because of this."

And when I feel like there is NO WAY, in the midst of the technical ups and downs, Kelly taught me there is ALWAYS A WAY.

Now I feel empowered, happy and aligned with my purpose and the products I am creating. More now than ever!

I recommend Kelly Rudolph as a coach because she is super web tech savvy, extremely intelligent, and gets right to the heart of the matter and to the point of whatever we are working on. I know that Kelly is deeply resourced and shares her gifts with an open heart. Kelly is a GEM and whoever she coaches is really fortunate to have found her."

Tracy Griffiths, Southern California

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Kelly Rudolph

Life Coach

Kelly Rudolph
Certified Life Coach | Certified Hypnotherapist | Founder of Positive Women Rock | Speaker | Presenter

Life Coach Kelly Rudolph walks her talk and implements her own personal growth plan on a dialy basis, translating into greater understanding, experience and strategies for her clients.

Her personal story is one of tragedy-to-triumph that inspires and empowers at

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Location: San Diego, CA
Credentials: ACC, CHT
Specialties: Empowering Women, Self-Esteem, Stress Management
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