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Which Breed Is Your Boyfriend?


Border Collie
Romantic? Looks like you've got a Border Collie!
Find out which type of dog your man is and what kind of behavior you can expect from him.

More than 2,700 dogs competed in the 137th annual Westminster competition this year, but only one pup could be crowned as Best In Show. It was an adorable affenpinscher named Banana Joe who stole our hearts and sashayed away with the big cup at the end of the night.

Which reminds us … they say that all men are dogs, but no one ever said that they couldn't be trained.

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It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the dating scene, so here are 6 types of boyfriends translated into dog breeds and the tips on how to train them … after all, we are their girlfriends (ahem, masters).

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