Understand Others Better & Adapt To Circumstances More Readily


"I was looking for two things before I began 6 months of coaching with Kelly; I needed some clarity on why I was struggling to understand an issue I was having with a friend and boss.  I also knew that I needed help coming up with ways to open up and discuss the problem with my friend without losing our friendship and while keeping our working relationship strong and positive.

Before I worked with Kelly on this problem, I was anxious about addressing the problem and confused about why I was having this trouble with my friend.


The three most important things I learned from Kelly’s coaching are:

  1. I learned that there is usually a long history behind peoples’ behaviors and that the way they interact with you in certain situations may not be about how they feel about you.  I also learned that it is important to know this to understand how to move forward in your relationships.
  2. I can be sensitive to others’ vulnerable areas while still achieving what is important to me.
  3. That being aligned with my own nature and goals is worth making changes that might at first seem difficult.

Now, I feel good (and no longer shy) about setting audacious goals and I feel I can understand others better and adapt to circumstances more readily.

After coaching with Kelly, I feel energized and peaceful at the same time!

I recommend Kelly as a Coach because you will know instantly that she wants to help you to be at your best and be effective.  She will not tell you what you want to hear but will push you to open up and be honest with yourself, that is a precious quality in today’s world.  Thank you Kelly!"

Amanda A., Texas USA

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Kelly Rudolph

Life Coach

Kelly Rudolph
Certified Life Coach | Certified Hypnotherapist | Founder of PositiveWomenRock | Speaker/Presenter

Coach Kelly Rudolph walks her talk and implements her own personal growth plan on a dialy basis, translating into greater understanding, experience and strategies for her clients.

Her personal story is one of tragedy-to-triumph. Learn more at: PositiveWomenRock.com

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Location: San Diego, CA
Credentials: ACC, CHT
Specialties: Life Management, Life Transitions, Stress Management
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