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5 Date Night Ideas To Beat The Winter Blues


Date Night Ideas
Who says you have to be Miami to have a South Beach night out?
Say adios to cabin fever with these vacation-inspired dates.

It happens every year: we love winter at first. The twinkly lights, the roaring fireplace and sparkly white snow all pull at our heartstrings. Not to mention, it's that time of year again where you can snuggle extra close to your date because you're "chilly."

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But once the holidays have passed and the snow starts piling higher and the temperature drops lower, being trapped inside isn't so cute anymore and you feel like you've caught a serious case of cabin fever. Ugh.

Wouldn't you give practically anything to be lounging on a tropical beach somewhere, feeling the sand between your perfectly pedicured toes and sipping on a frozen daiquiri? Us too.

That's why we've come up with a list of themed date nights for any tropical vacation destination from Florida’s beaches to the French Riviera to cure your winter blues.

These staycation dates are hot, hot, hot!

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