Three Kids Later, I Still Love My Body—But On Different Terms

mom with three daughters

As a mom of three, it's not that I don't notice my flaws; it's just that they don't matter.

This is my body today: Rumpled against the warmth of my husband's chest, thwacked awake at 2 a.m. by a flailing daughter's limb.

Or ... balanced on wedge heels, bent over a desk, one arm around a student's shoulder.

Or ... crouched in the corner of a gymnastics gym, one hand clutching the video camera, my voice loud: "Go, baby! Go!"

Or ... biting into my husband's shoulder, hoisted against the tiled shower wall, a giggle escaping as a child bangs on the locked bathroom door.

Five years and a third baby after I wrote this article about finding confidence in my post-baby figure, I realize that the journey to loving my body doesn't start at the mall. (Although a trip to TJ Maxx is always cathartic.) When I look at my body in the mirror, I still see beauty, but now on different terms.

After giving birth to two daughters in quick succession, I thanked my stretch marks for helping me accommodate such precious cargo, bought a slew of better-fitting bras, and ditched the daily yoga pant get-up. I gained peace with my body back then by feeling gratitude for what it had done — made babies, helped feed them, etc. Keep reading...

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