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Is Facebook Turning Us Into Relationship Braggers?


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How do you handle your relationship on Facebook?
Boasting may the norm on the social network, but that doesn't mean it's right for your relationship.

There's no denying Facebook affects our relationships. And, with new features on the way, there's no doubt it will continue to.

A recent New York Magazine article "When The Engagement Gets Its Own Photo" by Chole Anygal addresses the scary side of Facebook, more specifically, Engagement Sundays.

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You know, when you sign on to Facebook Sunday morning and there's a new engagment alert on your homepage that never seems to go away. And it's not just there, above the reminder about your long-lost friend from middle school's birthday. It's in the statuses congratulating the couple, in the relationship story that Facebook creates, chronicling the couple's interactions over the course of Facebook, and lastly, in that picture of the ring that has hundreds of likes and comments.

It's everywhere, and it's all your newsfeed can talk about.

"Still, the focus on the ring — not the couple, not even the bride — is approaching fetish-levels of fixation, and Facebook is only fueling the fire," says Angyal.

While engagement rings certainly take the spotlight (and in some cases, a bride-to-be's cover photo) when the couple makes their modern day wedding announcement via the social network, it's not only the duos to be married who are participating in the oversharing trend. What about the other people in relationships — dating and already married? Facebook is becoming relationship-obsessed.

Before Facebook, you never had to see photo albums of couples jetsetting to Bermuda or see the heartfelt messages people write to each other on anniversairies. 

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The pictures, the wall posts, the statuses — Facebook gives us a chance to tell our significant others we love them and let the world see it. But is it bragging? Is it exaggerated?  Keep reading ...

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