Facebook Saved Your Searches: How To Delete Your Stalking History


Have you been creeping on an ex? Find out how to erase your stalking history.

Not that you ever Facebook stalk exes or cute guys you met at the bar, but for the times you accidentally typed in their names, the social network has taken note and archived all of your searches. Thanks, Facebook!

While the social network says these searches are only available to you, it's still may be unsettling to see how many times you've looked up your ex.

Feeling like a creep as you think about your most searches? Well, Facebook might be an even bigger creep for saving them, but luckily there's a way to delete them.

Head over to The Stir to erase your Facebook stalking historyFacebook Saves All Your Creepy Stalker Searches, But Here's How to Delete Them.

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