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Weird News: Divorce Lawyer Billed Client For Sex


sex with lawyer
We're going through her briefs as we speak.
His billable hours continued as their sessions became trysts.

Stealing a move out of the playbook of attorney-at-law Bob Loblaw, a lawyer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes named Thomas Lowe, got low-low-low-low with a client he was representing in a divorce case and charged her by the hour for the sack time.

Per Daily Mail, things with Lowe and his aspiring divorcee client kicked off when he began making positive comments about her physique and segued the chit-chat into naughty talk. As you can imagine, the dirty words became dirty deeds. These dirty deeds, however, were not done dirt cheap as Lowe kept the billable hours meter running during their trysts.

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Naturally this was something that the Minnesota state bar, and likely the better business bureau, didn't appreciate. But another person who didn't appreciate it was the counselor's wife. In a bid to keep things kosher on the home front, the fair barrister ended his not-that-professional and fairly impersonal relationship with his customer. The ha-has stop here.

As you can imagine, a woman undergoing something as crummy as a divorce can be vulnerable. A fella in a position of power with some ability to rectify her legal issue soon becomes an attractive rectification to her loneliness issue. But this woman has a history of disappointments with men and took losing this guy's emotional and legal services very poorly. Thankfully, she survived the ordeal.

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The legal beagle was been suspended from practicing (or playing) law at the professional level. No word as to how divorce shook out but if Intolerable Cruelty is any precedent … not well.

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