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Should I Feel Bad About Sleeping With A Married Man?


Sleeping with a married man is like eating unhealthy; it may sound good but it's oh so bad.

Love consultants Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal join us to discuss a very provocative question: "Is it wrong to find excitement in sleeping with a married man?" This question is one that is difficult to answer considering everyone has different views as to what is "right" and "wrong". The allure of sleeping with a married man is through the chasing, secrets and sneaking around. Although, the experts conclude it isn't necessarily wrong, they insist that the outcome of doing so is never good.

A relationship with a married man is very unlikely to go anywhere and even if you're only in it for fun in games, you can still fall into a treacherous love triangle. While a relationship with a married man turn you on, Tamsen Fadal insists that what comes after certainly won't.

Watch the video above to know the dangers that come along with sleeping with a married man.


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