Weird News: When Facebook Stalking Exes Leads To Jail Time

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Let's file this story under: More Reasons To De-Friend Your Ex.

Here at YourTango, we're always saying you shouldn't Facebook stalk your ex. Usually for the sake of your own sanity and to ensure a quick breakup recovery, but this man from Minnesota gives us all the more reasons not to.

After you know, 8 or 9 beers, Eustaquio Israel Morales-Hernandez started browsing through Facebook pictures of ex-girlfriend. When his wife walked in and caught him she said his ex-girlfriend looked like a man. He called his wife a cow and a huge fight broke out. A bag of sugar and a trip to jail were even involved.

Read the rest of the strange but true fight at Huffington Post Weird News: Eustaquio Morales-Hernandez's Facebook Stalking Leads To Fight, Alleged Domestic Assault

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