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Love Bytes: Dating As A Former Prostitute


Dating As A Former Prostitute
Wow, are you sure you haven't done this before?
Plus, the scientifically perfect amount to spend on a Christmas gift.

Aw jeez. Given its illicit nature in 49 of 50 states, sex work (re: prostitution) is still a wee bit taboo to Americans. How does a practitioner of the world's oldest profession re-enter 'polite company'? When and how much does she (or he) have to tell his next partner? (The Daily Beast)

I'm still sorting out my feelings about this but it looks like reality TV's greatest rednecks have inspired a thing called "hillbilly porn." (Huffington Post)

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The scientifically perfect amount to spend on a Christmas gift. (LearnVest)

Ladies, if you want to meet men, do NOT roll deep to the club. If you want to rumble with the Baseball Furies on the other hand... (Madame Noire)

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