Men & Women Responded To The Newtown Tragedy Differently


A new survey shows there's gender split over the Sandy Hook school shooting.

With widespread media attention over the Newtown shooting tragedy, 57% Americans say they're following the story very closely, which is the highest level since the Columbine massacre.

Grief, confusion and debates about gun control have all become a part of the public's reaction. But what's interesting, is how men and women are reacting to what this traumatic event means. According to a Pew Research Center survey, women feel the Connecticut shooting reflects the broader problems in society, while men think it was caused by the isolated acts of troubled individuals.

The Daily Beast looked into the survey's data, also noting the differences between the reactions of republicans and democrats and high school and college graduates.

Read more about how the public is processing the tragedy at The Daily Beast: Gender Split Over Shootings.

Did you and your guy respond differently to this event? Tell us about it.

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