Which Hot Rock Star Got Engaged To A Woman Half His Age?


At 53, this sexy rocker is getting married for the third time — this time to 27-year-old former model Courtney Bingham. The two have been dating for two years.

He posted the news on his Facebook page earlier this week. "When Courtney and I were in St Bart's I popped the question and she said YES...." he posted. Courtney tweeted a link to a Daily Mail story that showed her 6-carat diamond ring. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the musician was previously married twice before (one time to a Playboy Playmate), and has four kids between them. He was also previously in a relationship with Kat Von D.

Who's the rock star getting married? Find out at WetPaint: Which Hot Rock Star Got Engaged To A Woman Half His Age?

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