The Black Friday Survival Guide For Couples


black friday shopping
Don't let crowds, chaos and a crack-of-dawn wakeup call derail your relationship.

Planning on venturing out with your partner on Black Friday to make a dent in your holiday shopping? Congratulations: you're brave warriors! Shopping with your significant other can be a difficult task even in the best of times; holiday shopping under pressure — with frantic shoppers shoving you aside to nab the last $2 countertop appliance — can be a recipe for a relationship disaster. Have you seen Walmart at midnight on Black Friday? It's enough to drive even the most loving, centered couple to the brink of bitter, nasty bickering.

If you're still up to the challenge, try these tips to make the day manageable, productive...maybe even romantic.


1. Get on the same page. Before you even step foot out the door, have a meeting of the minds; agree on the objectives of your Black Friday excursion. Decide exactly what you're shopping for and why you're shopping for it. Is this a leisurely shopping trip so you can bond through the craziness, or do you actually need to cross people off of your gift giving list? Set realistic shopping goals and stick to a set budget, so you can be in and out before things get ugly.

2. Do your homework. If you're serious about taking advantage of these once-a-year deals, scour the Thanksgiving Day store circulars and search the internet (try or so you're clear on the best bargains for your buck. Before you set out, be sure that you both have the right shopping apps on your smartphones (like GeoQpons or RetailmeNot), so you can each access coupon codes in case you get separated while standing in line. 

3. Map out your logistics carefully — and realistically. Black Friday sales are more confusing than ever this year, with retailers opening at all different hours — some even as early as Thanksgiving Day — and staggering their deals. Be aware that if sales overlap or lines are long, you might not have time to go to multiple stores or score more than one super deal. Prioritize your needs and work together to achieve your most important goal. 

4. Keep a cool head. Black Friday is notorious for wild crowds, long lines and parking lot gridlocks, so expect all of that. If you start feeling overwhelmed, try to relax and resist the temptation to give in to the panic or chaos around you. A fender bender in the Target parking lot isn't going to set the mood for a pleasant shopping experience with your spouse.

5. Dress comfortably.  It's easy to become irritable or snappy if you're tired and uncomfortable, so make sure you dress for the occasion. If you're going to wait outside for Best Buy to open in freezing temps, wear warm clothing or bring a blanket to cuddle under. Wear layers in case you start to feel hot or claustrophobic in the mall (maybe let your partner strip them off later?). Also, remember to wear comfortable shoes. No one wants to walk (or run) for blue light deals in six-inch heels!  

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