The 'Revenge Diet': How Far Is Too Far?

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One scorned woman's drastic — and intentional — weight loss turns heads and raises eyebrows.

We've all experienced it: the breakup hunger strike, a.k.a the revenge diet. Sometimes, you're so upset that you can't even stomach the thought of eating, nevermind actually do it. Other times, you think the best way to get back at the person who devastated you is to drop a ton of weight and look fabulous. After all, they say that happiness is the best revenge, right?

That's the route one scorned woman took after running into her ex with a new, thinner girlfriend. Granted, she was already overweight, but the change is nevertheless more dramatic than some think could possibly be healthy. Click over to The Stir to read more about this woman's headline-making revenge diet, how she did it and see what others have to say about it: Overweight Woman Runs Into Ex With New Thinner Girlfriend And Goes On Crash Diet.

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