How Caught On


How Caught On
Solo seemed supreme until a surprise book find led to Alex and Aggie's soulmate inspiration

The way that Alex and Aggie evolved into a union is one of the key reasons behind why I enjoy chronicling their story. Love isn't just for the movies because Alex and Aggie have proven it to be an every day occurrence. Men really do fall head over heels themselves over a woman. Women do truly feel that a man has come along to change their life for the better and forever. Between, Alex and Aggie, and Kathryn Alice's "Love Will Find You" book, there has been a domino effect akin to an avalanche of soulmate partnerships all around me instead of just overly independent singles.

No two couples function the same same but the essence of love and respect carries on in different forms. Interestingly enough for me, Alex and Aggie were the spark for a series of other mental equivalents in partnership that did not exist in my life before. Since Spring 2012 I've seen a succession of one happy couple after another. Each pair who demonstrate to me the elements of love and respect which Alex and Aggie do. Something must have happened when I stumbled upon "Love Will Find You" by Kathryn Alice because every pair bond who has entered my life since has proved her concept of soulmate love right.


"A mental equivalent is a template. The mental equivalent that attracts a soulmate is a belief in one's self as attractive and worthy of love coupled with a faith that there is the right person earmarked for you. This template and its accompanying energy simply cannot be denied. Love MUST happen with the right mental equivalent" (Quote from Kathryn Alice)

Kathryn has lectured and written extensively about how you can relax when your soulmate shows up. One of the reasons that she says this is because a key concept in her book is that nothing can scare your soulmate away. Not even the beauty marks on your face that make you self-conscious or the less than perfect posture you are convinced everyone else notices and thinks badly of. Kathryn says that these very things about you that cause insecure anxiety are the features your soulmate adores. Paradoxical but true.

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