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How Evolved From
The mental equivalent in love complements of Alex and Aggie.

Love can happen in an instant or it's a slow burn. Like any deep connection, the evolution of love is organic and does not follow reason. Converting an online wink to a full fledged off-line love is the same.I don't believe that love is a matter of timing because true love knows no time. Love trumps timing, circumstance, and even your own will. Such is the force of its impact. Love arrives and takes firm form in a person's life in response to a soul call. Please note it is not my intention to be all New Agey here since that is not my thing. These days, online dating is a common mechanism of delivery for a soulmate. That is why the affianced Alex and Aggie of are the focus of this "keeper fish" series on how to be a success using Alex and Aggie tie the knot in June 2013 and personally, I think this pair should have their wedding sponsorsed by itself!

Soulmate expert and author Kathryn Alice writes about soulmates in her book "Love Will Find You". When I first discovered this book it was by accident in an independent bookstore in Berkeley, California. One of the first lessons I learned from Kathryn was the value of a mental equivalent. This is a concept from Kathryn's training in Science of Mind also referred to as Religious Science. The mental equivalent is an inner construct or template that is personal to an individual. How this affects relationships is that having a mental equivalent in one's inner world dictates how connections form in external experiences.


"A mental equivalent is a template. The mental equivalent that attracts a soulmate is a belief in one's self as attractive and worthy of love coupled with a faith that there is the right person earmarked for you. This template and its accompanying energy simply cannot be denied. Love MUST happen with the right mental equivalent" (Quote from Kathryn Alice)

Essentially, the mental equivalent is your own internal navigation or North Star or reference point that forms the basis of how a particular area of your life looks, in this case your primary partnership. Kathryn has said in her lectures that the person you know who always seems to effortlessly attract suitors is an example of someone with a strong mental equivalent for partnership that is fun and enjoyable. These are people who just know with absolute certainty that partnership and romance is there inevitable reality. Beyond mere confidence, the mental equivalent is almost an advanced form of how beliefs direct life experiences that reinforce said beliefs.

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