5 Recipes That Always Help Me Through Heartbreak


mac n cheese
When my heart is broken, I turn to these comfort foods again and again.

When I first find myself in the throes of a breakup, my body shuts down. Even the thought of food, at first, is difficult. My stomach is just as twisted as my heart, I find myself in my bed for too long, and honestly, when I do force myself to eat, I can't even keep it down.

But once the first wave of despair lifts, and I'm able to think about food again, I indulge in my favorite — often made-up — concoctions. I actually only eat the following five recipes for weeks because of the intense comfort they bring. Eventually I start eating other things again, but these have always been my go-to recipes that, for one reason or another, manage to at least numb the pain inside. Maybe they'll numb your pain too. Or maybe you'll just find them yummy. Either way, here they are, with detailed directions!

PHOTO GALLERY: 5 Recipes That Always Help Me Through Heartbreak

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