Choose A Name For Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's Baby Boy


This new mommy is going digital to name her new baby! Want to put in your two cents?

Marissa Mayer, the first female CEO of Yahoo, has given birth to a baby boy. The 37-year-old businesswoman announced her pregnancy just a few hours after Yahoo hired her as their newest CEO back in July.

Her husband Zach Bogue (pictured right, with Mayer in 2010) says on Twitter, "Baby boy Bogue born last night. Mom (@marissamayer) and baby are doing great--we couldn't be more excited!"

The couple has yet to name the new arrival. New York University professor and blogger Jeff Jarvis tweets, "Just got a large-group email from @marissamayer. She's crowdsourcing suggestions for Baby Boy Bogue's name! How digital can you get? ... Just to be clear, @marissamayer says she'll take suggestions for a name. Nobody suggest Yahoo, now!"

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