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"First and foremost Ross is one of the most compassionate and intelligent therapists I have worked with. We worked together on and off for years to tremendous effect. He is profoundly empathetic and is tenacious about remaining focused on core issues. Furthermore, his excellent reputation makes it possible to use alternate resources, to which he is personally acquainted, when needed. I have referred many people to Ross but he can only help the willing. Ross comes with my highest recommendation and I hold his capabilities in the highest regard. He embodies the traits you would expect from a professional in this field: fearless, compassionate, trustworthy. My experience, without divulging too much information, resulted in a profound personal transformation to which I only partially owe to Ross, he gave me the tools but I had to do the work."
- Anonymous


"I am a social worker at a high school and have worked with Ross Rosenberg for several years. I have referred numerous students and families to him and I have received nothing but rave reviews. Ross is intelligent, compassionate and willing to help clients do really difficult work. I especially think he does great work with gifted adolescent males who are struggling to make sense of their world. I count on Ross to help out my students and families and I feel 100% confident that they will receive the best of care when I make a referral to Ross Rosenberg. He is tremendous."
- Anonymous


"I have been seeing Ross for about five years. As others, I to had seen a couple other therapists. I left other offices wondering how this was any different than having just called my girlfriend. He has had such an impact on my life. Just seeing his picture this evening bought tears to my eyes. I remember when I first walked into his office. I was trying to get out of a terribly abusive relationship. I had a baby with this narcissistic man and I just fell into that typical codependent role that Ross describes. The worst part was I thought of giving my four -month old baby up for adoption. I have two other children and I know how bonding with a child is supposed to feel. However, due to the trauma of this relationship I had a very difficult time accepting this child into my heart. Thanks to Ross I was able to discover myself, and learn to take care of myself. I was able to acknowledge my sexual addiction. I was able to break free of abusive relationships and most important, I became a wonderful mother to an innocent little girl. My life is not perfect yet. I do make mistakes but I do learn the lessons now. Thank You Ross."
- Anonymous

"I was referred to Ross after a heartbreaking end to my 20 year marriage. My life was a train wreck. My family was in crisis. I was trying to hold everything together without cooperation and I was terrified. Ross was different from any other therapist I had seen.......and I had seen quite a few. I felt that most therapists were trying to "teach me how to swim", and that I would drown before learning how. Ross tossed me a lifesaver. No endless questions about my ancient history before digging right in to the heart of the matter. He challenged me. He gently prodded me into seeing things without the veil of denial and excuses. Sometimes I left his office feeling numb; only to break into tears hours later when clarity occurred. It was this slow, methodical tearing apart which eventually led to building up.I am emerging with a strength I never knew before...the most remarkable thing is the improvement in the behavior of my teenagers. As I set clear boundaries, and modeled healthy behaviors, they began to pull themselves together. I am better at handling challenges. I am better at commanding respect. I am learning to be alone and be strong. I am learning to value and like myself enough not to let others treat me poorly. I am grateful that Ross was put in my path when I needed him most. I discovered that as a co-dependent person, I needed to change my own life in order to help my family."
- Anonymous


Two years ago I came to find Ross after the sudden and tragic loss of my husband. From the very beginning on my journey of grief, Ross witnessed and shared my pain, anxiety and struggles. He was completely present for my sorrow; never taking it away, but listening, supporting, and advising me throughout our sessions. Ross helped me to make sense out of whatever I was feeling. His expertise is not about taking away my pain, but supporting me as I experience my profound grief, sadness, and loss. Ross did not have expectations of what my grief should be or what should be happening; there was no "one size fits all." approach. He was a supportive listener who assured me that my reactions were natural, normal and to be expected. He helped me to understand my loss, numbness, frustration, helplessness, confusion, anger, anxiety, and fear. I do not know where I would be today without the professional guidance, understanding and encouragement from Ross."
- Anonymous

I was fortunate to have been referred to Ross when I needed to work on a combination of relationship and addiction problems. His strong intuitive abilities quickly discovered the core of the issue and, through a combination of compassion and directness, helped the necessary changes and growth to take place. He held me accountable for my decisions and actions and, from the beginning, made it clear that the choice to change was my own. He is not afraid to say the hard stuff, unlike some other therapists I have encountered, and not unable to consider other perspectives. I find him to be highly moral, intelligent and extremely well versed in his area of expertise. I would highly recommend Ross - and have done so. "
- Anonymous


"Ross is an excellent therapist. He is a true professional and very compassionate person. After doing much research on the Internet to find a therapist that specializes in sex addiction, I decided that Ross would be the best choice. Best decision that I ever made. I have been going to Ross on a fairly regular basis for more than a year now. Ross is a very insightful therapist. It did not take many sessions for him to deduce what fueled my sex addiction and go to work on my recovery. When I started seeing Ross I had many character flaws and deep rooted emotional problems. Along the way Ross helped me to complete some of the challenging steps in my ongoing 12-step SA recovery process. He has turnaround many of the character flaws that caused me to act out and made my life unmanageable.

With Ross's help I have been physically sober since August 2008. I now feel better about myself and have emotionally reconnected with my loved ones and family. Sometimes Ross's therapy sessions can become very intense and thought provoking. Years ago I saw another therapist that did not stir my inner emotions and never got me "fired up." That therapy approach just scratched the surface and turned out to be a waste of my time and theirs. Ross also has the ability to mix in tasteful humor during the session. I find that intermixing humor and serious probing is a therapy technique that works best for me. I cannot express enough gratitude for what Ross has done to save my marriage and teach me to love myself. It is not enough for a person to know what needs fixing - it is his knowledge and ability to mend the person. Ross possesses both qualities. I wholeheartedly recommend Ross as a therapist to anyone serious about recovery and self-improvement."
- Anonymous


"I was referred to Ross by another well respected professional, in the midst of a devastating crisis in my life. Within a relatively short time, he made a dramatic impact on the situation. He has shown himself to be very knowledgeable and experienced in his field and has an amazing gift for insightfully targeting and zeroing in on the core of a complicated matter - quickly. That's probably what really sets him apart from others. I believe Ross has proven himself to be a truly genuine person who first and foremost wants to help others and is exceptionally capable to do so. He always showed sensitivity to both the male and female points of view - but was strong at the same time - no wishy-washy coddling - he tells it like it is - for the betterment of the client - that was my experience. My marriage would probably not have survived had it not been for Ross' help. He is a guy with unique integrity and I would definitely refer my closest friends and family to his services."
- Anonymous

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