iPhone 5 Madness: Would You Date A Guy Without A Smartphone?


A Motorola RAZR can be a turn-off in this day and age.

It's a dreary weekday morning. You're on your way to Starbucks to
 get your Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte (this marks the second time I've mentioned the Pumpkin Spice Latte in a post this week! Go me!), and while you're waiting in line, you start 
chatting it up with a cute guy in front of you. He's hilarious and you
 guys are really hitting it off. Before he leaves, he asks for your
 number. As you start giving it to him, he pulls out an old flip phone. This hot guy is saving your number into an old Motorola RAZR. So, is it a 
turn-off? With the iPhone 5 debuting today, it's weird to think that 
there are still people out there on the EDGE network. But there are. Here is why some of us would never a date a guy without a smartphone ... and why some weirdos among us would.



1. How would you
 date the RAZR-owning guy knowing that he could never quickly look up Yelp reviews 
of the restaurant you're about to eat at or never check that email you
 sent him at the last second saying you're going to be 45 minutes late? As far as any concerns about distraction, there are definitely times you and your partner can agree to 
turn off the phones for an hour and just be together. I would much 
rather have to do that than be with a guy who can only play Snake in 
black and white and make phone calls with his phone.
 I already have to keep my parents in the loop about new technologies; 
I don't want to have to tell my boyfriend about them too. - Jessica, blogger (me!) 

2. I feel like the guy who doesn't own a smartphone in 2012 is going to be kind of behind the times in other ways, so that's why I would never date one. I want to be with someone who's up on things. I also get really annoyed when people ask me for directions or to look up information just because they haven't shelled out for an iPhone yet. It's the most useful thing ever! You can look up anything, anytime, and you don't look like a blast from the recent past. I think that's worth a bit of an investment. - Natalie, Senior Associate Editor


1. I would definitely still a date a guy even if he didn't have a smart phone. I mean, I wouldn't let my dream guy get away just because he didn't have an iPhone. I started dating my boyfriend before we both had smartphones and we could still get in touch with each other with normal phones. Also, this restaurant will even give you a discount for giving up your phone over dinner: Not a bad idea at all! - Allie, intern


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