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Study Reveals Men & Women Have Similar Fantasies


Do you and your significant other share sexual fantasies?
A new study found that men and women in relationships fantasize about each other. Awww!

If you're worried about what your significant other is fantasizing about, you can stop right now.

A new study, conducted at Spain's University of Granada, says men and women in relationships have pretty similar sexual fantasies, in that both genders fantasize about their loved one. Researchers surveyed a group of Spanish citizens who had been in relationships for six months or longer. The results were both surprising and not:

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Not surprising: Women mostly fantasize about romantic situations that involve their partner, while men go looking for trouble in their fantasies by conjuring up "exploratory sexual activities": being promiscuous, being a swinger, orgies, midgets (okay, I made up that midget part). Also, men tend to have sexual fantasies more frequently.

Surprising: Men apparently include their significant others in these orgy fantasies. Additionally, it was found that women have dreams about "positive sexual experiences" more often. The study showed that "women have pleasant romantic fantasies more frequently than men — a few times a month."

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If you're a woman, does this ring true? Do women only fantasize about romantic situations or is there more cheating and spanking involved than we're willing to admit?

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