Poll: Who Do You Think Should Play Ana Steele In '50 Shades Of Grey'?


kristen stewart and emma watson
Which of these beauties will play Anastasia Steele in "50 Shades of Grey"?
Which of these actresses has what it takes to play the innocent, virginal Anastasia Steele?

The wildly popular and highly erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey and its sequels have put Anastasia Steele in more than one uncompromising position. The latest: "Holy moly! Who will play me in a movie?" Women worldwide crave to see the 21-year-old brunette virgin capture the heart of mysterious billionaire Christian Grey "in the flesh," if you know what we mean.

With talk of an upcoming film adaptation of the hot novel, the debate over who should play the nerd-turned-vixen is never-ending. A lot of sources say that Emma Watson deserves the role, but others believe it would only seem fitting that Kristen Stewart snag it, given that she perfectly embodies Ms. Steele's physical features.

Which of the sexy actresses below do you think has the best chance of nabbing this sought-after role? Vote now for the best leading lady for the kinkiest role of the century.

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Who Do You Think Should Play Ana Steele In '50 Shades Of Grey'? :

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