Is Alexander Skarsgard Ready For Something Serious With Anne V?

Alexander Skarsgard Anne V
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The model is pressuring the 'True Blood' star to put a label on their relationship.

They've only been dating a short while, but Victoria's Secret model and Adam Levine's ex, Anne V, is already pressuring Alexander Skarsgard for commitment!

According to US Weekly, the 26-year-old Russian-born swimsuit model started seeing the True Blood actor in June, just two months after she "blindsided" her Maroon 5 ex by dumping him via a press statement. Now, a month later, Anne is in the "nervous, waiting-for-him-to-call phase" with Alex, and she's ready to graduate to being his girlfriend.

"They don't have a title, but she's ready for something serious!" said a source to the tabloid. Alexander Skarsgard Only Lasts 8 Seconds In Bed

The question is whether or not Alex is ready for something more than a fling. Considering that he's been linked to everyone from Charlize Theron to Elizabeth Olsen since ending his last serious relationship with Kate Bosworth more than a year ago, the answer could be no!

Although, Anne V certainly does seem to be Alex's type: blonde and leggy.

CelebLovers, what do you think? Would Anne and Alexander make a good couple?

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