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4 Features Women Dislike & How To Make Them Look Hot


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One-fifth of women say they don't like their legs. It's time to change this!
How to make the body parts you don't exactly love look more flattering.

When asked which of their features women like least in our Irresistible You survey, by far the most common answer was "legs," with almost one-fifth of ladies claiming they don't like theirs. What a pity: There are many easy ways to get gorgeous gams, some of which we'll tell you about in a minute! "Nose" and "arms" tied for the second-most despised body part, at around 14 percent each, while 12 percent of women aren't too fond of their butt. Could this be Kim Kardashian's fault?

Here are tips on how to flatter — and come to love — some of your least favorite features:

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PHOTO GALLERY: 4 Features Women Dislike & How To Make Them Look Hot 

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