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It's Nude Recreation Week! 5 Ways To Get In On The Fun


nude sand sculpture
This sand sculpture looks pretty good naked, right?
Go ahead and strut your brazenly bare self for Nude Recreation Week!

We're only a few weeks into summer and already the sun has decided to be slightly oppressive to its adoring fans. For some, the sizzling heat has been enough to convince them to renounce summer as their favorite season, but the rest are just trying to find new ways to stay cool under July's glorious golden glow.

Crank the air conditioning? Check. Lower it once you realize how high your utility bill will be? Check. Resort to sitting in front of a fan sipping daiquiris wishing you were at a beach? Check, check and check.

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But really, why haven't you just gotten naked?

Yes, naked. Bare it all, you sexy, single (and non-single!) ladies and gents, because July 9 through 15 is Nude Recreation Week, as celebrated annually by The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society. Yes, these organizations exist, but you don't have to be an active member to celebrate the naked holiday.

Here are some ways to rejoice in your birthday suit (just remember to wear sunscreen!) PHOTO GALLERY: 5 Ways To Get In On The Nude Fun!

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How will you celebrate Nude Recreation Week? 

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