5 Celebs Who Can Learn From Their Famous Movie Roles


Jennifer Aniston The Break Up
These movie characters and quotes happen to directly relate to these stars' crazy love lives!

When it comes to drama in Hollywood, many stars keep their personal lives separate from their on-screen roles. However, we're here to show you just how similar some movie roles have been to these stars' real lives. 

In fact, the newly divorced Katie Holmes is currently set to start filming Molly next week in which she plays ... wait for it ... a single mom. What a coincidence!

From the crazy Mel Gibson to the heartbroken Jennifer Aniston, we've pulled out the most ironic quotes that some of our favoriter stars have said on-screen. Here are 5 quotes that go hand-in-hand with their crazy love lives:

PHOTOS: 5 Celebs Who Can Learn From Their Famous Movie Roles

Tell us: what other movie stars can learn from the roles they've played?

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