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To write posts that are targeted to our partner sites, you'll want to follow the guidelines listed in our "Better Blogger" guide and also do a little research to make sure a story like the one you want to create hasn't been written/posted in the recent past.

The best way to do this research is by taking your idea to Google and seeing what's been done on the topic. Search on a variety of keywords to make sure you're covering your bases. Then take that same search to the site you want to be on and check to see if they have promoted the same content in the recent past.


Below you'll find details on each of our partner sites along with several examples of articles/videos by Expert members that have been picked for promotion. Take a look to see the titles, content, length and angles that worked well on the various site.

Have questions? Please send them to for answers or bring them to Office Hours so we can discuss as a group. Happy Writing!

Prevention is a leader in health and wellness content. We're excited to partner with them!

MSN features fantastic lifestyle advice for curious, savvy readers. We're so excited to be featured on their homepage!

Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street is a smart website where "stylish moms meet".

Huffington Post
We are partners with several Huffington Post channels: Divorce, Weddings/Marriage, Travel & Crime. Below are several examples of articles that have been promoted. There are various types of professionals represented here: therapists, coaches, matchmakers, healing/body work professionals and more.


Care2 is an active, engaged community for healthy & whole living. With over 11 million unique visitors per month, they are a wonderful resource for our experts!


As you may be aware, we are one of AOL's exclusive video partners, and this partnership has been remarkable for us on many fronts. Below is a list of the videos that have done well on their site, along with views to give you an indication as to the number of people who have watched each video.

Eharmony looks for dating (how to date, what to do on dates, seasonal dating tips, advice for singles to stay positive, motivated, etc.) content. Take a look below at a few articles they've promoted on their site.

Fox News Magazine

We're also excited to have been featured on Fox News Magazine!

Psych Central

Psych Central is a wonderful advice site for people looking to live a healthier life with a strong pull towards how to live a mentally, healthier life. We share content weekly with this site and pick from our more psychologically oriented content to share with their millions of readers. Take a look at a few pieces recently promoted there.

Madame Noir

Some of our excellent articles have been featured here as well!

Women's Health Magazine

We're excited to be partnered with Women's Health Magazine who shares great tips on fitness, beauty, lifestyle, and more with women!

Betty Confidential


Rent is a great site to learn tips all about apartment living.

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