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Happy Best Friends Day! 8 Celeb BFFs In Hollywood


BRad Pitt and George Clooney
Brad and George are tight!
We love seeing these celebrity besties who know what friendship is all about.

What's a world without friends, anyway?

Probably a pretty dull one, we would imagine. But lucky for us, no such world exists. Especially in Hollywood, there are tons of loyal celebrity duos like George & Brad, Jennifer & Courteney and other besties that are proud to flaunt their friendships in front of the world. In some cases, they even start working together!

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Today, in honor of Best Friends Day, we choose our favorite celebrity best friends – the pairs that we love to see together and the ones that remind us what friendship is all about!

GALLERY: Happy Best Friends Day! 8 Celeb BFFs In Hollywood

Tell us: why do you love your best friend?

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