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Below are the weekly requests for articles from Diana and the editorial team. Please use this list as inspiration to write pieces and publish them to your profile. And, as a reminder, Diana and her team will edit articles after they're published. Edits will be limited to content, typos, SEO help, image changes and clarity.

If your article requires major edits, we may not promote it due to time constraints. Please refer to the Better Blogger Guide for answers to your questions, and remember to bring questions/requests/inquires to Office Hours each Thursday at 12pm EST. If you need a copy of the Better Blogger Guide, please let us know. You're also welcome to email Melanie or Tina with questions/requests. You can reach Melanie here and Tina here.

If you've found this page and you're not yet a member of YourTango Experts, please email Tina to discuss the details and learn how you can get involved.

Breaking News: Breaking news will be updated daily before noon. Stories will encompass current events that require a quick turnaround. Deadlines will be given for each story. Please check in daily to see what is new in the world! Please email Isabel ( or  Diana ( when you have written your article. 

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Don't forget to answer an Ask YourTango question from our readers! Keep your answers under 400 words and please do mention that you are a YourTango Expert and link to your page.

As of 8/18/2014, we are looking for articles on the following topics. Remember to reference the news item (better yet, link to it!) when writing your article so it's clear to the reader why your article is timely and relevant.

HP-Worthy means it will be highly considered for homepage placement.  

  • Obsessing over celebrity baby bumps may hurt prenatal relationship: study: Paying attention to the growing bellies of expecting stars may not be so harmless for moms-to-be. Research out of Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand found that obsessing over celebrity baby bumps may lead to poor body image and impact the love a mother feels for her baby before the child is born, Science of Us reported. Article Ideas: Why is this? Why do women allow celebrities to affect their connection with their unborn child? What can be done to help these mothers? 
  • Social Media Becoming Go-To Info Source for Moms:  Social media may now rival girlfriends and playground parents as a source of trusted advice for mothers. A new Australian study finds that Facebook and other web communities are now the preferred information conduit, a distinction that some believe offers a largely untapped marketing tool for businesses wanting to sell their products. Article Ideas: Is this positive/negative thing for mothers? What are the downsides of going to social media for parenting advice? The upside? 

  • Study Suggests People Who Cheat Are 3.5 Times More Likely To Do It Again: According to new research, the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater" holds true. University of Denver psychology graduate student Kayla Knopp studied 484 unmarried adults aged 18 to 35 to find out if people who stray in one relationship are more likely to do so in the next. Her findings were presented at the annual American Psychological Association convention in Washington D.C.. Knopp and her fellow researchers asked participants questions such as, "Have you had sexual relations with someone other than your partner since you began seriously dating?" and "Has your partner had sexual relations with someone other than you since you seriously began dating?" Article Ideas: What are the signs of a habitual cheater? How can people tell if their partner will cheat on them? What are habitual cheaters missing that causes them to always cheat? 

  • Poached Partners Make Unreliable Mates: There’s an undeniable surge of satisfaction that comes from “poaching” a romantic partner. Successfully coaxing someone to end a relationship in order to begin one with you is certainly ego-boosting. If that describes your experience—well, enjoy that high while you can. Chances are good there is trouble ahead. Article Ideas: Why do some people want to poach partners? What are the signs your poached partner is looking elsewhere? Is this true for ALL poached partners? 

    If you're interested in syndication, here is what our partners are looking for (updated 6/12)

    1. Please note that articles previously published elsewhere (i.e. your blog/website) will NOT be considered for syndication. Only original articles to YourTango will be considered. 
    2. First person stories are highly desirable. Anything specific to you but relatable to all is the formula for syndication success. 
    3. We cannot guarantee syndication but will work with you to ensure your article is the best it can be. 
    • HuffPost 50: HP 50 is looking for stories on issues that affect people who are 50+. They also like general news stories/posts about celebs in their demographic, like this post:
    • HuffPost Divorce: HP Divorce is specifically interested in divorce and cheating/infidelity-related content. (General breakup-related content is less likely to be promoted.)
    • HuffPost Wedding: HP Weddings is looking for wedding content as well as stories about issues relating to engaged couples and women, i.e. "Is Marriage The New Status Symbol?"
    • Sex Education 
    • Selfie
    • Selfies 
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