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1. The case for paternity leave
ARTICLE IDEA(S): An Oregon restaurant has just given all its workers (including men) paid parental leave. We all know that maternity leave in the U.S. stinks (as in there are no federal maternity leave regulations), but if moms think they have it bad, America's dads have it worse. Has the time finally come for corporate America to start recognizing the role fathers play in the family? Are you a dad took paternity leave (or wish you had) after the birth of a new baby? If so, tell us your story. Are you a Mom who struggled with a newborn when your husband went back to work? Or are well a just a bunch of whiners?
HEADLINE IDEAS: "5 Reasons The Time Has Come For Paid Paternity Leave";  "Newborns Need Their Dads At Home (Science Says)"; "5 Things Dads Miss Out On Without Paternityh Leave"; "5 Reasons Paternity Leave Is A Joke" ; "I Took Paternity Leave And It Cost Me My Job"

2. Facebook cited in one-third of all divorce cases.
ARTICLE IDEA(S): Facebook is known for bringing people together, and it's also now known for tearing people apart. Whether it's striking up a new romance or rekindling an old flame, married Facebook users are using the social network to find love. Is Facebook making it easier to cheat? Are people who would never in real life cheat finding it easier because of Facebook? Or are people who want to cheat going to find a way no matter what? What can couples do to 
HEADLINE IDEAS: "5 Things He Does On Facebook That Mean He's Cheating" ; "The Woman's Marriage-Saving Guide To Facebook"


1.  Is marriage today harder than in generations past?
New research shows that American marriages are more challenging than ever and the people in them are unhappier. The social psychology professor who conducted the research concluded that individuals today have higher expectations of marriage, and when reality doesn’t live up to their dreams, the marriage falters, sometimes to the point of destruction. Compate how marriages functioned in the past to how they are now. Why have our expectations changes? What’s a realistic approach to marriage? Are our dreams setting ourselves up for disaster? What are some ways people can approach the idea of marriage realistically? 
HEADLINE IDEAS: "5 Ways Things You Want Out Of Marriage That Will NEVER Happen"; "5 Ways To Know For Sure Your Marriage is GOOD ENOUGH"; "Has Hollywood Set Us All Up To Suck At Marriage?"
RELATED LINK: "My Marriage Wasn't Meant To Be"

2. What Happens When Women Agree With Men's Compliments?
ARTICLE IDEAS: A college student has been conducting her own little experiment on social media and dating sites. Whenever she receives a compliment from a guy, she agrees with what's said.  “You’re hot.” “Yeah, I am.” The results have been interesting: Guys tended to either backtrack on the compliment or become hostile, calling her vain and conceited. The student experiementer said she thinks that the negative response might have "a lot to do with how some men believe that they have the power to tell women what they are, without considering that women have already acknowledged this themselves." What do you think about this? Do men think that women NEED their compliments to feel good about themselves? Why are men put off when a woman has the confidence to believe she’s beautiful?
HEADLINE IDEAS: "5 Reasons Why You're Not Vain For Thinking You're Beautiful"; "Why Some Guys Just Can't Handle A Confident Woman"

3. The Science of The “Breakup”
ARTICLE IDEAS: The emotional and sometimes physical pain of breaking up with a love is very real. The article above looks at different scientific studies regarding breakup, including ones that show that calming reflecting on your relationship can help you recover, that breakups can throw off your entire biological rhythms and that giving up a love affects our brains like quitting an addictive drug. Explore how to you can arm yourself with this (and other) scientific knowledge to survive a breakup.
FLIP SIDE: What are the benefits of breaking up? What can people learn and do they come out better and stronger after?
HEADLINE IDEAS: “5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Over Your Ex”; “How Science Says To Survive A Breakup”

4. Why Good Grades Don't Automatically Mean Your Kid Is Great
ARTICLE IDEAS: So many parents assume that their kid is a success and a "good kid" if his/her child is performing well in school. But academic grades say nothing about the emotional health/maturity of the child that ultimately will be what helps her thrive in healthy relationships with peers, future partners, and in a diverse workplace. How can parents help their children grow emotionally? What opportunities are kids missing out on these days that is stunting their emotional growth? How can parents tell if their children's emotional growth is on target? 

HEADLINE IDEAS: “5 Things EVERY Parent Must Do To Raise An Emotionally Healthy Kid”; “5 Things Emotionally Healthy Adults Experienced As Kids”; "Have A Kid With Good Grades? He Still May Be Failing At This"
RELATED LINK: "Personality Matters More Than Intelligence at School"

5. Is attachment parenting (or a kid-centric parenting style) destroying marriages?

ARTICLE IDEA(S): Relationships always go through a rough adjustment period when kids enter the picture. But are parenting styles like attachment parent, with tenets of co-sleeping and baby-wearing and soothing baby's every cry, making it even harder for couples to stay connected during this time of change? How is dad supposed to deal with mom says it’s what’s best for baby? What advice can you give women on balancing a kid-centric parenting style with her relationship with her husband/partner?


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