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Below are the weekly requests for articles from Cris, Diana and the editorial team. Please use this list as inspiration to write pieces and publish them to your profile. And, as a reminder, Diana and her team will edit articles after they're published. Edits will be limited to content, typos, SEO help, image changes and clarity.

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Breaking News: Breaking news will be updated daily before noon. Stories will encompass current events that require a quick turnaround. Deadlines will be given for each story. Please check in daily to see what is new in the world! Please email Cris ( or  Diana ( when you have written your article. 

  • 9/1/14 -- Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities leaked online An online hacker released nude photos of nearly a hundred female celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, and many more. These were private images hacked/stolen directly from the celebrities' phones. The feminist sites have already started covering the angle of this being a violation of privacy and a means to shame/control female bodies. The tech sites are covering the iCloud security breech. What are some other angles on this story? ARTICLE IDEAS: (a) Has the Internet and YouTube culture destroyed the concept of sexual privacy? Sex outdoors, risque photos and video, etc.  (b) If sex/love articles are encouraging women to send sexy pics of themselves to please their man, is that really a safe advice anymore?

Don't forget to answer an Ask YourTango question from our readers! Keep your answers under 400 words and please do mention that you are a YourTango Expert and link to your page.

As of 9/28/2014, we are looking for articles on the following topics. Remember to reference the news item (better yet, link to it!) when writing your article so it's clear to the reader why your article is timely and relevant.

HP-Worthy means it will be highly considered for homepage placement.  

  • Seven year-olds to be taught how to end relationships via text: The lessons would teach seven-year-olds how and when to employ phrases like “I’m just not at that place in my life right now”. Minister for Schools David Laws said: “Seeing children in the playground shouting ‘I don’t like you anymore,’ and shoving each other to the ground made me realise how behind we are. Article Ideas: Is this a positive course of action? Will teaching children how to end relationships honestly be helpful? Will it change the way we communicate? 
  • Women Have Better Sex When in Love: New research suggests sex is more physically satisfying for a women when she is in love and in a committed relationship. In the study, Pennsylvania State researchers performed a series of in-depth interviews on 95 heterosexual women between the ages of 20 and 68 from a range of backgrounds. They found that love was necessary for maximum satisfaction in both sexual relationships and marriage. Article Ideas: If this is true, what is the argument for casual sex? Why is this true? Do you agree/disagree? 
  • Time to move on, ladies? One-fifth of women stalk exes online using FAKE social media profiles - and one-fifth get in touch with old partners and later regret it: Almost a third (30 per cent) of women have stayed 'friends' with or continued to 'follow' exes openly through social networks. Close to a quarter (22 per cent) admit to having kept a sneaky eye on their activity but only using someone else's or a fake profile, or when they know the ex won't be logged in. When asked if they had ever been in touch with exes via social media during a weak (or intoxicated) moment, around one in five (19 per cent) did admit to making contact, and later regretting it. Article Idea: Why do some women have such a hard time moving on? What are the signs your stalking has gone too far? Why do women stalk their exes/exes new gf? 
  • George Clooney’s $220M Wedding Disaster — Prenup Feud, Guest List Flub & Planner Quit! Adding tension to the Lake Como ceremony is an old scandal surrounding one of Clooney’s best buddies, Brad Pitt — his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and current partner Angelina Jolie. Article Idea: The mental prep you should do before attending a wedding where an ex (who has wronged you) will be present. How to stay classy at a wedding when your ex (and his new wife) will be there. TK Things NOT to do when attending a wedding where your ex will be. 

If you're interested in syndication, here is what our partners are looking for (updated 6/12) Please note that articles previously published elsewhere (i.e. your blog/website) will NOT be considered for syndication. Only original articles to YourTango will be considered. 

  • First person stories are highly desirable. Anything specific to you but relatable to all is the formula for syndication success. 
  • We cannot guarantee syndication but will work with you to ensure your article is the best it can be. 
  • HuffPost 50: HP 50 is looking for stories on issues that affect people who are 50+. They also like general news stories/posts about celebs in their demographic, like this post:
  • HuffPost Divorce: HP Divorce is specifically interested in divorce and cheating/infidelity-related content. (General breakup-related content is less likely to be promoted.)
  • HuffPost Wedding: HP Weddings is looking for wedding content as well as stories about issues relating to engaged couples and women, i.e. "Is Marriage The New Status Symbol?"
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  • Selfie
  • Selfies 
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