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Below are the weekly requests for articles from Cris, Diana and the editorial team. Please use this list as inspiration to write pieces and publish them to your profile. And, as a reminder, Diana and her team will edit articles after they're published. Edits will be limited to content, typos, SEO help, image changes and clarity.

If your article requires major edits, we may not promote it due to time constraints. Please refer to the Better Blogger Guide for answers to your questions, and remember to bring questions/requests/inquires to Office Hours each Thursday at 12pm EST. If you need a copy of the Better Blogger Guide, please let us know. You're also welcome to email Melanie or Tina with questions/requests. You can reach Melanie here and Tina here.

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Breaking News: Breaking news will be updated daily before noon. Stories will encompass current events that require a quick turnaround. Deadlines will be given for each story. Please check in daily to see what is new in the world! Please email Cris ( or  Diana ( when you have written your article. 

  • No current breaking news stories. 

Don't forget to answer an Ask YourTango question from our readers! Keep your answers under 400 words and please do mention that you are a YourTango Expert and link to your page.

  • A woman is taking a fitness class and the instructor flirts with her A LOT. He doesn't with others, but he isn't asking her out. Why not? 
  • A guy's girlfriend wants to go to her reunion without her partner, and he is concerned and suspicious. Should he be? 

As of 9/18/2014, we are looking for articles on the following topics. Remember to reference the news item (better yet, link to it!) when writing your article so it's clear to the reader why your article is timely and relevant.

HP-Worthy means it will be highly considered for homepage placement.  

  • As TV show Friends turns 20... have YOU done a Ross and Rachel? A third of Britons have committed 'friendcest', but one in five say it ended badly:  Friends turns 20 on Monday, and to celebrate, a new report reveals the 'friendcestual' habits of Britons up and down the country.
    A third (32 per cent) of all respondents say they have done a Ross and Rachel by dating within their friendship circle. One in ten (10 per cent) are fans of trying it on with multiple pals by having kissed more than two of their friends.
    Article Ideas: The pros/cons of dating one of your friends. Does dating a friend make relationship easier since you already know them? Harder? Any person essays about successful situatiosn where dating a friend turned into marriage. I also welcome any personal essays where it didn't work out. What did you learn, if anything? 
  • Are older women really better in bed? Sexpert Tracey Cox says YES, YES, YES - and here's why...Danniella Westbrook (40) and Tom Richards (24) might not be a shining example of a summer autumn Relationship, but it’s a combination that can make perfect sense.
    In the past, scientists stuck to the evolutionary theory that men prefer younger women who are likely to bear them more children.
    Not so. Results of one landmark study showed men don’t really care how old a woman is, it’s what she looks like that counts. (Hang your head, you shallow creatures!) 
    Article Ideas: What are the benefits of dating/having sex with younger men for women? What are the benefits for men? What should a woman do if she wants to find herself a young stud?
  • Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger Headed For a Split After One Year of Marriage: "It's over," a source tells Us. "He has been going around L.A. telling people that they are divorcing." Kroeger, 39, popped the question to Lavigne, 29, in August 2012 after dating for a month. They wed in an intimate ceremony in the South of France in July 2013.
    Article Ideas: Does having a large age gap increase the chances of divorce? This is Avril's second marrage: do those who marry multiple times better at marriage, or worse? Does it make a difference? 
  • The ‘Other Jenner’ — Kylie Jenner ‘Living In The Shadows’ Of More Successful Sister Kendall, Claims Source: As if following in the footsteps of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian wasn’t pressure enough, has learned that Kylie Jenner, has found it increasingly difficult to keep up with her older sister Kendall as the teen launches a worldwide modeling career. And “living in the shadows” of her increasingly successful high-fashion sis, a source says, is starting to be difficult.
    Article Ideas: How can a jealous sibling find their own way? How should parents treat siblings who are similiar in age, but one is more successful? How can a sibling that is less talented find a calling to be proud of? This can apply to situations in real life where one sibling is a lawyer, and the other may have dropped out of college. 

If you're interested in syndication, here is what our partners are looking for (updated 9/18) Please note that articles previously published elsewhere (i.e. your blog/website) will NOT be considered for syndication. Only original articles to YourTango will be considered. 

  • First person stories are highly desirable. Anything specific to you but relatable to all is the formula for syndication success. 
  • We cannot guarantee syndication but will work with you to ensure your article is the best it can be. 
  • HuffPost 50: HP 50 is looking for stories on issues that affect people who are 50+. They also like general news stories/posts about celebs in their demographic, like this post:
  • HuffPost Divorce: HP Divorce is specifically interested in divorce and cheating/infidelity-related content. (General breakup-related content is less likely to be promoted.)
  • HuffPost Wedding: HP Weddings is looking for wedding content as well as stories about issues relating to engaged couples and women, i.e. "Is Marriage The New Status Symbol?"
  • Sex Education 
  • Selfie
  • Selfies 
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