Having So-So Sex? 6 Ways To Make It Mind-Blowing


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Life is too short for so-so sex! Try these six mind-blowing sex tips.

We have sex for many reasons, not all of them physical. But it's that mysterious build up and subsequent release of tension known as an orgasm that keeps us coming back for more and more sex with our partner.

To make the sex you're having better, hotter and consistently more orgasmic, pay more attention to foreplay and communication, and learn how to take the lead!


If you aren't already having mind-blowing sex and want to be, here are six tips to try tonight (or, any old time, really):

1. Don't skimp on foreplay... The hottest, most explosive sex happens when both partners are fully turned on, present and focused on each other. Foreplay is the only way to get there—it heightens arousal and increases the desire and the likelihood you'll reach orgasm. Incorporating extended play sessions into your sexual activities gives your body time to prepare for the main event. 

You may not realize it, but your vagina actually goes through physiological changes during arousal. Your uterus pulls up slightly and the walls of your vagina expand in a process called "tenting," making penetration much more enjoyable. Sex Video: How to Have a Female Orgasm

2. ...And don't rush that foreplay! Taking time to get turned on turns up the sexual heat in many ways, but one of the most important and often overlooked facts about foreplay is that it gives you time to build anticipation. Anticipation, and the accompanying tension it causes, is like a red hot, super turn-on. After all, if you know exactly what's going to happen and when, there's nothing to get excited about. It's the need, the build up and the feeling that you might not be able to wait that really make sex hot.

3. Be vocal. Speak up about the attention you want. Your lover wants to please you, but actually may not know how. Some of us are more perceptive than others, and many men and women worry that asking questions will kill the mood. Despite the well-known adage that there are no stupid questions, some questions are definitely less sexy than others. 

You can solve this problem by talking about your desires. If you want something specific, make it clear. If you simply need to slow things down, try taking control. Don't be afraid to pull back and stop the action or change its course.

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