10 Dating Habits Women Can't Stand

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#SomeWomenCantStand is trending on Twitter. Let's explore what women hate.

There are some things women just can't stand when it comes to dating, but too many men do anyway. Here are 10 of the least appealing bad habits of love:

1. When you compare them with your ex.

2. A guy who they like who flirts with everyone.

3. When you put them last, and they put you first.

4. Waiting for a phone call or text back.

5. Men who aren't in control of their emotions.

6. Being taken for granted.

7. Seeing their ex with someone "better" than them.

8. Being told what to do.

9. Cheesy pick-up lines.

10. When you don't deserve them, but treat them like crap anyway.

What are your dating pet peeves?

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