Spring Cleaning: 5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Relationship


couple in spring
One writer and wife proposes five ideas for putting the spark back in your romance.

Spring has always been one of my favorite times of year—there's something about that sense of new beginnings and fresh growth that has me feeling giddy with excitement, without fail! The cleaning and organizing bug bites me, and the rest is history.

You know the drill. You throw open the windows, breathe in big gulps of pollen-filled air, and tackle those closets and drawers that have been getting' scary during winter hibernation. Spring and the detox that comes with it is something you can count on year after year—something to break up the drudgery of winter and carry you back into summer and fall. 10 Best Spring Date Ideas


But this spring, as my husband and I settle into our second year of marriage, I've become more and more aware of how relationships require spring cleaning too—not necessarily in spring, of course, but what better time than now? Because let's face it: marriage and long-term relationships lose their spark with time and stress and life, and unlike the seasons that are dictated by real science, there's nothing and no one but the two of you to ensure things stay dynamic, fresh, and sexy in the romance department.

When the hubs and I first got married and moved in together, we were coming straight out of a long distance relationship. The great thing about long distance is that it's easy as pie to keep things fresh when you rarely see each other! During each reunion, both of you are on your best behavior and things may even feel vacation-like. Not so in short-distance, day-in and day-out marriage, my friends! Maybe at first, yes, but eventually routine settles in and each and every couple has to do a little relationship spring cleaning to keep their love fresh. Here are five great ways to do just that. 4 Sexy Spring Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

1. Out with the old activities, and in with new! It may seem like common sense, but many couples don't realize they're doing the same things over and over again—and it may be negatively affecting their romance and intimacy! For example, my husband and I love to watch movies. If given the choice between cuddling up and watching a movie or doing just about anything else, we'll probably choose the movie every time. But the other day I bought a board game on a whim, and instead of movie night, we had game night! It brought out a competitive streak neither of us knew the other has, and it was downright fun. Breaking things up a bit triggers something in your brain that adds back in that sense of newness and excitement you might be missing from the early days of your relationship.

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