Cutest Marriage Proposal EVER (To Distract You From Snooki News)

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Best Leap Year proposal ever. Guess what Katie said!

Snooki is pregnant, so I feel majorly unsettled about the world today. I mean it is Leap Day, so I guess strange things are bound to happen. To soothe myself with happy news, I hopped over to BuzzFeed to read about the cutest marriage proposal ever. Web geek Len Kendall proposed to his girlfriend, Katie, via... a cute lil Photoshop image on Buzzfeed. #omg #guesswhatshesaid #okfineillspoilitshesaidyes There are also tons of fun parodies/more Photoshops in the post, so make sure to check it out. 

Buzzfeed: Help Me Convince Katie To Say "Yes"! (UPDATED WITH HER ANSWER)

Yay! We approve! What are some other creative proposals you've seen?


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