Robert Pattinson & His Dad: Bonding Time At A Berlin Sex Club?


Now that's one way to spend some, er, quality father-son time!

Robert Pattinson's dad, Richard Pattinson, wants to accompany his son to a sex club. Robert is starring in the newly released Bel Ami and the actor recently visited Berlin and was impressed with the city's notorious sex club, the KitKatClub. In fact, Rob was so taken with the place that he told his father about it and suggested they visit it together. No mention of bringing Kristen Stewart along though…

Rob said: "I was telling my dad about it last night and he sounded really into it. 'I'm coming over – let's go to the orgy club,'" said the senior Pattinson.

Robert is of course currently dating his Twilight Saga co-star Kristen and is close to his family. He says they help him cope with the pressures of fame. Speaking to the Sunday Times, Rob discussed several issues ranging from his ridiculously massive fame and its intrusion on his life to how surprised he is at how popular and immense the Twilight franchise has become.

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