'The Artist,' Meryl Streep & Complete List Of 2012 Oscar Winners!


See the full list of winners at the 84th Academy Awards!

The Artist which tells the tale of an old-Hollywood love story was named Best Picture, while its star Jean Dujardin took Best Actor and Michel Hazavanicius took home the award for Best Director.

Accepting the Best Actor award first-time nominee Jean, 39, who saw off stiff competition from Brad Pitt and George Clooney – gushed: "I love your country. So many of you here tonight have inspired me."

The film also won the awards for Best Costume Design and Best Original Score. Seventeen-times nominated star Meryl Streep was named Best Actress for her portrayal of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

Meryl, 62, kissed husband Don Gummer before taking to the stage at Los Angeles' Kodak Theatre to accept her iconic Oscars statuette. She joked: "When they called my name I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, 'come on, why her again,' but whatever."

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