Angelina Jolie Wishes She Could Talk About Her Kids With Her Mom


The 36-year-old mother admits she sometimes forgets her mother isn't around.

Angelina Jolie enjoys raising her six children with partner Brad Pitt, but there is something missing.

According to CelebBabyLaundry, Jolie recently admitted that she sometimes forgets her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, is not around "to talk about the everyday joys of raising her six children." Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Kids Wonder Why They Aren't Married

Bertrand passed away in 2007, but Jolie says, "There are times when I want to talk to my mother about something the children do, and then I realize she is not there."

Jolie obviously loved her mother deeply and saw her as a source of inspiration. Talking about her mother last November on 60 Minutes, she said, "I will never be as good a mother as she was. I will try my best, but I don't think I ever will be." Choking back tears she added, "She was the most generous, loving woman." 

Now that she's gone, Jolie relies on Brad for that motivation and tender relationship. She admits that he is her family now:

"Brad always says I'm so strong when I'm in the world. But then when I am asleep in my nightgown I'm just like everyone else. I'm not so strong." A-List Links: Brad Pitt Found Angelina Jolie Crying In The Shower

Even her admission of not being so strong is strong of her!

Tell us: do you look to your own mom for inspiration and parenting advice?

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