Does Valentine's Day Make You Cringe?


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One writer learned the secret to avoiding cynicism every February 14th.

Call me a cynic, but nothing breeds disappointment and disillusionment quite like Valentine's Day. If you're in a relationship, then it's a day loaded with romantic expectations. If you're single, then you're likely to be dwelling on what you don't have and feeling lonely in the process. In addition, all parties—single, married, dating—will be suffering from a mild form of temporary amnesia. It happens every year.

People tend to forget all the romantic gestures and moments they've experienced on the 364 days leading up to Valentine's Day, and all that matters is what happens on February 14, and February 14 alone. Call it amnesia, or tunnel vision. Both terms are rather accurate, and both require various coping mechanisms. 10 Most Romantic Movie Moments


Consider the following four general responses to V-Day:

1. Enthusiasm. Some people are die-hard romantics and love to keep Hallmark in business. This includes all the men who make grand, sweeping gestures for the women in their lives with flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and expensive dinners.

2. Jealousy. (Usually aimed at those who are exercising enthusiasm.) This response often leads to wallowing, which then leads to cheeky notions, such as re-naming the holiday, "Singles Awareness Day." Are You The Jealous Type?

3. Rebellion. These are the folks behind the Anti-Valentine's Day movement, which has steadily been gaining steam over the past couple of years. Bars in major cities all over the U.S. host Anti-V- Day parties, complete with dead roses, torn paper hearts, and grand prizes for those with the most pitiful stories of being dumped. There are also multiple websites cashing in on this trend. They offer witty merchandise so that patrons may wear their rebellion proudly. There are buttons that declare, "Cupid is not my homeboy," and virtual greeting cards that read, "Nothing says I love you like saturated fat and slutty lingerie."

4. Avoidance. A recent article in The Frisky provides 15 Ways To Avoid Valentine's Day This Year. Most notable of which are their first two suggestions: "Stay home alone all day and night on Valentine's Day;" or, this liberating, albeit unhealthy, bit of advice: "Set your computer and phone date to February 15, as if the big day never even happened." 3 Tips To Avoid Overindulging Over The Holidays

As for me, I've adopted all four of those attitudes towards Valentine's Day, depending upon what my circumstances were at the time. However, the one response I'm rarely ever able to maintain is outright avoidance. It's an occupational hazard, if you will.

Aside from writing about love and relationships, I also work as a server, and in the restaurant world, Valentine's Day is a major event that lasts for an entire week. If the holiday falls on any day of the week other than Friday or Saturday, you can bet people will be making dinner reservations on both adjoining weekends, in addition to the big day itself.  6 Non-Restaurant Valentine's Day Ideas

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