Dating Disaster: He Wasn't Gay And Thought It Was A Double Date


not a double date
I thought he was a nice, gay guy. He thought I'd like a date with a girl.

I usually don't go out with a guy I meet online before I see what he looks like. I usually ask to do camera to camera, but this time, I looked like a mess, so I exchanged numbers with one guy and we talked for 10 minutes through the phone. He seemed nice, so we arranged to meet the next day for coffee. We decided to meet in Jabal Amman in front of this nice, old café.

I arrived there and waited for 10 minutes outside before he arrived. He picked me up and we went to Rainbow Street. But, when we reached a place called Batata, I started to worry! There were two girls waiting in front, one of them wearing a short, red dress and the other wearing jeans with a cute top. Dating Disaster: Did You Steal My iPod?


He stopped at the girls and said, "Oh, these are my friends, let me pick them up, maybe they need a lift."

I kept quiet because I knew this was some sort of game from the looks on the girls' faces. It looked as they knew he was coming. 

He introduced me and then informed them that I was gay. They said, "Really? Oh, how cute."

I tried to excuse myself and said that I had to leave, but they were so insisting that I found myself having dinner with them. After awhile, they started asking me all types of questions: "What do you do?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Does your family know?" "What's gay sex like?" "What's your religion?" It all made me really uncomfortable. Dating Disaster: Double-Dating My Ex

Enough was enough. I looked at my "date" and told him, "Nice one, disrespectful much?" Then I headed to the door. Dating Disaster: He Had A Foot Fetish... With His Own Feet

He wasn't gay! Very interesting to meet a straight guy on Manjam (a gay online dating site). What a scene!

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