The Inner Workout


I find it awe inspiring that Colleen has put into one small book what usually takes a lifetime to learn. Reading it has helped to reconfirm that love is all, and the whole  reason we are alive. It’s what we are here to learn and to become. Thanks Colleen for putting into words what I knew in my heart.
Darlene Montgomery, author, Dream Yourself Awake and Conscious Women – Conscious Lives

“The Inner Workout” has been a powerful and highly effective experience for me and my patients. The bridgework and clearing of my personal history released the  childhood fears and beliefs that I was carrying in my adult body. A renewed sense of lightness, clarity, and love appeared in my life, and the stress in my body was gone. The client case studies and Colleen’s own personal life journey stories makes this one of the best ‘owners manual for our life’ you could every buy.”


Dr. Ken Kinakin, DC,CSCS

“The key to world peace and loving relationships can only come when we do our emotional homework. The Inner Workout” is a fantastic resource that allows you to free yourself from limiting beliefs and stories and soar into new levels of freedom, love and success. This book gives you the key to a hidden treasure – your true, authentic and powerful Self. I highly recommend it!”
Carolyn Ellis, Author and creator Of The Thrive Principles

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Colleen Hoffman Smith

The Inner Workout - The Bridge To Emotional Freedom

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