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Colleen’s book Pocket Guide to Your Heart is an important tool that each of us can use to cleanse ourselves emotionally. I believe to achieve a happier and fuller life, we need to find the inner peace that is an important part of our personal preventative health care.  Pocket Guide to Your Heart Program creates a support system for people to healthily take care of fear, anger, resentment and disappointment.
Harvey Diamond co-author of #1 New York
Times bestseller Fit for Life

Pocket Guide to Your Heart is a powerful and results-oriented guide that will assist you in creating an extraordinary life.
Robin Sharma, author of the national bestsellers
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Saint The Surfer And The CEO


The beauty of Colleen’s book Pocket Guide to Your Heart is empowerment of the reader to be able to take control of their own pain and damage in a relatively easy  way.
Patrick Ellis, author of Breakthrough and Dying In Love

As I went through my medical training, I came to realize that medicine is very good at diagnosing disease and providing treatment, however, what medicine seemed to lack was the capacity to actually heal, especially the emotional wounds that disease and illness can bring. Pocket Guide to Your Heart has been an excellent complimentary practice to the medical care I received, and has effectively bridged the gap between medical treatment and spiritual and emotional healing.
Dr. Sarah Doig Pendergrast, MD

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