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I Can't Stop Thinking About My Ex!

Love, Heartbreak

What to do when you're hung up on a relationship that once was.

What happens if you can't stop thinking about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? If the relationship ended badly, how are you supposed to move on to a positive dating future? And, how do you keep the ghosts of your exes out of your new relationship? Will Men Date Divorced Women?

In this video, Therapist and YourTango Expert Elisabeth Lamotte helps a reader who is still really hung up on her ex. Elisabeth notices that breakups have become increasingly more difficult thanks to technology and social media. Thankfully, she has developed the "Triple A" trick to help her clients move above and beyond a painful breakup.

Find out what each "A" in Elisabeth's strategy stands for, and take the first steps to a life that doesn't include thinking about your ex by watching the video above.


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