12 Valentines We Want To Send To Our Celebrity Crushes

12 Valentines We Want To Send To Our Celebrity Crushes [PHOTOS]
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Plus 4 templates you can use to create your own and share with your friends!

Here at YourTango, we have A LOT of love for our celebrity crushes. This year, we couldn't let another Valentine's Day go by without letting these sexy, sweet and adorable stars know how we feel!

Check out all the Valentines we made for our celeb crushes, including Seth Meyers, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling and more. Plus, some of our partner sites got in on the action, too. See who we're all crushin' on here:

PHOTOS: 12 Valentines We Want To Send To Our Celebrity Crushes

Like what you see? Cool, because now it's your turn to write your own Valentine to your celeb crush!

Use one of the 4 templates below (or at the end of the photo gallery) to make your creation. Here are the instructions:

1. Drag or right click to save the Valentine image to your desktop.
2. Go to Picnik.com, click "Get Started Now" button, then "Upload A Photo" button.
3. Select the Valentine image from your desktop and upload it to Picnik. You'll see your Valentine in the "Edit" tab.
4. Select the smaller tab, "Text," and enter in what you want your Valentine to say in the box on the left. Choose the font style on the left toolbar, and font size and color using the toolbar on the right. You can move the position of the text by selecting it and moving it around your image.

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