Naughty Gift Guide: 12 Sexy Valentine's Day Must-Haves


Naughty Gift Guide: 12 Sexy Valentine's Day Must-Haves
Sex toys, lube and more that will make your Valentine's Day even more steamy.

Looking to liven up your sex life this Valentine's Day? Whether you're married or have been dating for a little while, certain accessories can take your intimate pleasure to the next level.

The Sinclair Institute, a friend of YourTango and sponsor of this post, says that sex toys can help you get to know yourself and your partner better, achieving better communication — and who doesn't want that in their relationship?

We've pulled together our 12 favorite vibrators, cock rings and more for this sexy, handy little gift guide

Check it out here: PHOTO GALLERY: Sexy Gift Guide: 12 Naughty Valentine's Day Must-Haves

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  • 90% of respondents said feeling attractive affects the happiness of their relationship.