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Am I Doomed To Get Divorced Like My Parents?

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How to overcome the problems of our parents and have a very successful relationship.

Your parents divorced when you were just a kid. You remember the arguing, then the moving out and eventually going to two separate places to celebrate the holidays. It's a tough thing for any son or daughter, young or old, to go through. Now, you're worried that your parents' problems will crop up in your own relationship and everything will end the same way. How do you avoid this?

In this video, Therapist, Social Worker and YourTango Expert Elisabeth LaMotte helps a reader who is worried that she's doomed to repeat her parents' bad divorce in her own relationship. Elisabeth actually wrote a book about this exact subject and found that men and women who come from divorced families can and do find successful and lasting relationships.

To make sure this reader finds the long-lasting marriage she's looking for, Elisabeth offers her some helpful advice and tips. To find out what they are, watch the video above.


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