What Guys Think Links: He Loves Your Flaws


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Plus, what ALL the straight people are doing.

And a happy new year to you, sirs and madams. I hope you haven't dropped your resolutions into a vat of acid and cried yourself to sleep over lost dreams. Because it would be a little awkward if we both did that. Here is what the "other guys" have had to say about loving, dating, doing it and all that stuff.

Guess what? HowAboutWe says that there are some things that you do not like about yourself that guys dig… A LOT. I get all sweaty just thinking about heterochromia.


Speaking of getting ALL SWEATY, Good Men Project wants to know how to walk up to a young lady on a dance floor and rub yourself all of over her… in a respectful manner. Seems to work better if you're very good-looking, charismatic and a heck of a dancer.

If a fella crosses a crowded club there's a chance he noticed something about you. Something he likes… College Candy has their resident dude explain why men like boobs. Holler at your boy, Dr. Freud.

Over at Madame Noire, a little advice on how to get a guy who is nursing some old relationship wounds to get over it. Did I mention they were freshmen in college?

Sometimes guys have a hard time telling if you're into them. We all remember the investment banker's 1,600+ word inquisition over some evidently mixed signals. Modern Man (though I'm not 100% of the writer's gender) discusses how to know when she wants to put it on you. (Ladies, send this article to men that you like then do these things, it's 2012, the time for being coy is in the rearview mirror).

Sometimes guys are just too-too laid back when it comes to planning stuff. Gurl.com has some advice on how to get him to suggest something other than "whatever." Please notice that sexual arbitrage is not involved.

Now for the funny business. Vice.com gives some advice to a woman in her 30s in need of some procreatin'. The great thing about "satirical" advice columns is that some of it ends up being pretty good.

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