Poll: Are Single Moms Hiding Their Sex Lives? [EXPERT]


Are Single Moms Hiding Their Sex Lives?
What are divorced and single moms thinking about when it comes to sex?
How are divorced and single moms approaching sex? Having it? Abstaining? You tell us.

What’s really happening in the sex lives of divorced or single moms? Are these women spending their Saturday nights at home watering their plants? Are they dating, but with a very strict Code of Abstinence? Or could it be that for whatever reason, many are dating and having sex, without super serious relationships (i.e.: friends with benefits, one-night stands, short term relationships that were primarily sexual)?

Dating Coach and author of the upcoming memoir, “The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom”,  Delaine Moore, says she did the latter. But this divorced mother of three also says she did it very quietly. “One wrong set of ears and I knew I’d be headline news among moms at the school playground,” says Delaine. “When it comes to sex and being a single mom, judgement from others can be harsh and hard. But if we wait until we find the next Mr Right, YEARS could pass without sex – what’s OK about THAT?!”

Is Delaine alone? Or could it be that a 'quiet' sexual revolution is growing amongst a group of women that our society prefers to think of as chaste? This is what we at YourTango want to know!

Whether you’re a single mom or simply know one, take our poll and let us know which statement best describes you:

Are Single Moms Hiding Their Sex Lives? [EXPERT]:

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