8 Alternative Wedding Trends for 2011


8 Alternative Wedding Trends for 2011
Make a statement on your big day!

Today’s brides and grooms aren’t settling for what has always been done. They’re infusing creativity, personality, cultural trends and most of all, they’re having fun. They’re creating memorable experiences not just for themselves, but for friends and family who contribute to their big days.

Author and marketing guru Seth Godin recently spoke at a Chick-fil-A Leadercast about how the new normal is not normal at all. People are questioning why we do things the way we do, thereby turning tradition on its head. It’s affecting all industries, including the wedding industry.


Here’s a look at eight alternative wedding trends that are popping up in 2011:

1. Mini Wedding Dresses: Whether it’s glammed up, vintage or breezy casual, knee-length wedding dresses are more practical and personalized for today’s bride. As more stores roll out wedding boutiques like J.Crew and White House Black Market, brides can pick up a wedding dress from their favorite retail store. And let’s not forget that for some, that’s Etsy, where they can pick up a custom hand-made gown for as little as $40.

2. Fun with Color: From black accents to bold color blocks, color is king this year and it’s not limited to the bride! Non-matching bridesmaids are coordinating in patterns or complementary color combinations like this crafty DIY wedding of mega-blogger Elsie Larson. In addition to bold color palettes, shades of gray and stripes continue to be the big color trend for the year.

3. Alternative Gift Registries: Many couples are registering for gifts that will help them in a practical way. Travel agencies are starting to offer honeymoon gift certificates and some auto dealers are offering gift certificates toward the purchase of a new vehicle. CardAvenue.com allows couples to create a gift card registry for national retailers. Couples can get as creative as they want; they can request gift cards to home improvement stores to offset costs of home renovation or register for local restaurants so they can continue dating as newlyweds on a budget.

4. Punchy Personalization: While the structure of the wedding remains the same, (you’ve got a bride and groom, an officiant, a group of family and friends, a ceremony and reception) the look is anything but. The time may be different (think brunch), the seating may be smarter (seated at tables & staying put for reception), the furniture may be funky (varying size and shape or non-traditional choices) and forget the wedding favors – today’s couples are giving personalized takeaways, like souvenir photo booth picture strips.

5. Eco-friendly Finds: Outdoor spaces, reclaimed furniture, flea market finds and even wooden rings are helping eco-conscious brides and grooms celebrate in a big way without the environmental impact. Green weddings can feature locally grown food and seed-lined wedding invitations that can be planted.

CarbonFund and Terrapass offer wedding carbon footprint calculators, where air travel is most likely to be the big offender. Couples can purchase carbon offsets to lessen the impact, or request contributions as gifts.

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