Ladies Love Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow
Is Tim Tebow really the perfect man? One writer analyzes her crush.

Tim Tebow, the former Heisman Trophy winner and current Denver Broncos quarterback, is my idea of the perfect man. And I'm not the only one.

Tim had the top selling jersey in the NFL last year after being drafted, and analysts didn't even expect him to play. He constantly makes news because fans want to see him take the field for Denver, but critics insist he won't adjust to a pro-style offense. And then there are the women who love him... Don't Hate The Game: A Guy's Guy Schools Us On Men & Football


Exhibit A: Washington Post reporter Sally Quinn gushes over Tim in her column. Exhibit B: A First Coast News reporter asks Tim about what he's looking for in a significant other—and again, gushes over him. Exhibit C: The Denver Post actually partakes in some investigative journalism to figure out why women love Tim so much—and you guessed it, ladies gush over him. Although, oddly enough, the Post piece is actually written by a man, and I don't think he really gets Tim's allure.

So, as someone with a certifiable crush on the guy, allow me to explain why he is just so darn captivating.

I love sports, but have no real interest in the fact that Tim plays football, or has a slew of accolades to his name. When it comes to finding a guy who's husband material, athletic prowess is pretty low on my list of most-desired qualities. My first introduction to Tim's existence, however, was through the game. Immediately after he won college football's biggest individual honor in 2007, his Florida Gators were playing my beloved Michigan Wolverines in the Capital One Bowl. After my team nabbed the victory, I remember thinking, Oh, gosh. I am just SO GLAD we won this. He's the only sophomore to ever get a Heisman? He is probably so arrogant and conceited! 9 Need-To-Know Rules For Football Season

Fast forward a couple years, and the next time I heard Tim Tebow's name was in church. My pastor actually talked about him at the beginning of a sermon. That quarterback guy? I thought. Why is he being referenced from the pulpit?

My pastor said that as an athlete, Tim has a lot at his disposal—money, women, drugs, alcohol, fame—but he doesn't buy into any of it. He lives differently than most people who have similar opportunities, and many don't understand why he isn't with a new girl every night or out at bars every weekend. His Christian faith keeps him away from the temptations.

I was shocked. While I was labeling him as a haughty player—literally—he was actually an example of what I've been looking for in a guy for most of my life. Amazing. And shame on me. How To Spot A Player [VIDEO]

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